Palace Ukraine

The biggest concert hall of Kyiv and Ukraine, the main venue of the most important art events


Interiors and Equipment lobby and aesthetic premises of the palace “Ukraine” made an outstanding architect and designer Irmoyu Karakis.

In 1996, the building was in an overhaul (reconstruction project architects have T.Hnyezdylova, A.Dumchev, A.Yevko, V.Zubchenko, V.Pruskyy, O.Suhodubovskyy, Z.Uret, N.Shvets) established press center, equipped with modern technical facilities (conference system, simultaneous interpretation equipment, multimedia projectors, screens, DVD-players, videomikshernyy control, etc.), Big Brown and banquet facilities.

April 22, 1998 received the status of National Palace with the wording: “Given the importance of the Palace” Ukraine “in the conduct of national and international socio-political and cultural events, his work focused on the development of the creative potential of Ukrainian people.”
During the period of the palace were national and international socio-political events: congresses of the Communist Party of Ukraine (1971, 1976, 1981, 1986), celebrating the 1500th anniversary of Kyiv (1982), the inauguration of President of Ukraine, Ukraine Independence Day celebrations; celebrations on 2000 anniversary of the birth of Christ, and so on.

December 2, 2011 the Palace “Ukraine” held the final round draw for the European Football Championship 2012.

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Rules for viewers

Meaning of used terms:

Administration – Officers of the State enterprise “National palace of arts “Ukraine”.

Visitor – a person who came with tickets to the Palace “Ukraine” to attend an event.

Auditorium – Small hall and/or the Great Hall of the Palace “Ukraine”.

Ticket – a document in a form of an invitation, accreditation or an ordered data set confirming the right to a single visit to an event.

Event – plays, concerts, performances, shows and other entertainment or cultural events, forums and more.

Organizer – an entity which carries out activities related to the organization of an event.

Palace “Ukraine” – State enterprise “National palace of arts “Ukraine”, 103 Vasylkivska St., the city of Kyiv.

Security service – licensed security structure involved by the Administartion or an Organizer for the conduction of an event.

General provisions

These rules were approved to improve the organization, preparation and conduction of an Event, to ensure public order, safety of People who Visit an Event, also they determine the rules of conduct for visitors of the Palace “Ukraine”.

Rules of behavior are governing the relations between the Visitor, Administration of the Palace “Ukraine”, Event Organizers and the Security service that arise when visiting the an Event at the Palace “Ukraine”. They are a part of an agreement concluded between the Organizer and the Visitor regarding purchasing a Ticket.

1.3. Attendance of an Event is voluntary and all risks associated with attending an Event the visitor takes upon itself.

1.4. When purchasing ane/or receiving a Ticket the Visitor agrees to:

– comply with these Rules, to participate in the possible photo, video shooting, television, radio broadcasting of an Event, allows the Administration, an Organizaer to use photo, video and audio recordings with its participation in the advertising purposes;

– monitor the information on possible changes of the place, the date and time of the event;

– the fact that the responsibility for visiting an Event on a certain day, place and time, in case of timely notification of change of place, postponing the date and time of its conduction are borne by a Visitor;

– the right of the Administration and/or the Organizer or the Security service not to let in the Palace “Ukraine” in case of violation fo the Rules without refunding the ticket price;

– the right of the Administration and/or the Organizer or the Security Service to force it to leave an Event in case of violation without refunding the ticket price, and in case of committing illegal acts by such person – to bring it to administrative or criminal responsibility in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;

– with aim to avoid stressful situations before the start of an Event, with the aim of saving time while monitoring tickets and personal inspection, visitors shall come to an Event in advance.

Terms of passage of Visitors to an Event

2.1.Passage of Visitors to an event is conducted exclusively based on tickets that are approved by the Organizers of an event and the Administration.

Doors of the Auditorium of the Palace “Ukraine” open one hour before the start of an Event, the entrance to the Auditorium is being opened 15 minutes before the start of an Event.

2.3. Passage ot the Palace “Ukraine” is allowed only through the line of control, equipped with special technical means.

2.4. Visitors with cardiac pacemakers and other electronic devices for life support shall inform the Security service before passing the control point.

2.5. A ticket is valid for one person, regardless of age of a Visitor.

2.6. Passage of children under 4 years without provision of an extra seat is free.

2.7. Children up to 12 years old are allowed to enter the Palace “Ukraine” only if they are accompanied by adults in the presence of a separate ticket for each of the accompanying persons.

2.8. Visitor shall take a seat according to its Ticket.

2.9. Ticket shall be kept to the end of an Event and presented on demand of a representative of an Administration, Organizer, Security service.

2.10. The organizer does not address claims regarding counterfeit tickets.

2.11. If visitors need to leave an Event during its conduction and to come back later, it shall apply to the official representatives of an Event in order to obtain additional passage document which will allow to return to an Event. Thus the entrance to the auditorium is conducted according to p. 2.14. of these Rules.

2.12. In case if the Visitor left an Event and did not receive an additional passage document, it will not be allowed to enter an Event.

2.13. If a visitor came late after the beginning of an Event, an entrance to the Auditorium is to be conducted exclusively during breaks/intermission. Thus the value of the ticket for the missed part of an Event is not refundable.

2.14. Visitors undertake to leave the Palace “Ukraine” during 30 minutes after the end of an Event or in a period determined by the Administration.

The rules of conduct of Visitors in the Palace “Ukraine”

3.1. Visitors are required to behave calmly inside the Palace “Ukraine”, not to create excessive noise.

Upon entering the auditorium of the Palace “Ukraine” all mobile telephones must be switched off or converted to silent mode throughout an Event.

In case of the use and/or distribution of narcotic/psychotropic/toxic substances or alcohol abuse in the territory of an Event, aggressive behavior of a Visitor to the others, violation of public peace, etc., officials of the Administration, Organizers, security service are entitled to make a Visitor leave an Event without the right to return or compensation of the ticket price.

Attendees of the Palace “Ukraine” are prohibited

4.1. The entrance to the auditorium with an ice cream.

4.2. The entrance to the auditorium in outdoor clothes.

4.3. To bring on the territory of the Palace “Ukraine” the prohibited objects, substances, firearms and cold steel, special equipment (pepper guns, stun guns, etc.)., stabbing, cutting, large (larger than 25x25x25 cm), and other items that can be used for bodily injury, fireworks, explosive, radioactive, flammable, toxic and corrosive substances and items with an unpleasant odor, laser pointers, any aerosols and drinks in any containers, alcoholic beverages, food.

To enter an Event with animals.

To smoke in non-designated for it places. Smoking in premises of the Palace “Ukraine” is strictly prohibited.

To drink alcohol, beer in places not designated for it, to appear in public under the influence of alcohol, drugs, toxic substances, having a look that offends human dignity.

To throw on stage of an Auditorium and other venues of conduction of an Event foreign objects, including fireworks and to perform other actions that violate the order of conduction of an Event.

To scream or perform other actions that degrade dignity of participants of an Event, the Visitors.

To stay in gangways during an Event, on stairways or at the places of evacuation, to interfere with the movement of participants of an Event, to climb fences, parapets, lighting devices, platforms for sound-amplifying devices and television filming, masts, roofs, supporting structures, to damage equipment and elements of decoration of the installations, other equipment.

To enter the scene, as well as other office premises and technical facilities without the permission of the Administration, Event Organizer, Security service.

To conduct trade, apply labels, stick and distribute ads, posters and other products with informational content without written permission of the Administration, the Organizer of an Event.

To wear, flaunt signs or other symbols inciting racial, social, national and religious hatred.

To conduct photo and/or video recordings without permission of the Administration, the Organizer of an Event.

Return of a Ticket

Return of a Ticket is conducted exclusively by the Organizer in cases established by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Rules of conduct in the event of the squash, fire

Never go opposite to the movement of people.

Stay close to the edge, beware of rails, corners and steps.

If you dropped any thing (a bag, jacket or umbrella) do not try to pick it up – it can cost you a life.

Do not perform dynamic actions in a crowd.

If you fall, immediately cover your head with hands, try to rise sharply.

If you felt the smell of smoke or other signs that may lead to a sudden fire, immediately inform the Security service or other workers or the Palace “Ukraine”.

During the fire try to be quiet and carefully listen to the representatives of the Administration, Organizer, Security service.

If you find suspicious objects report them to the representatives of the Administration, Organizer, Security service. Do not attempt to examine a suspicious object by yourself.

Administration, Organizer are not responsible

For damage caused by Visitors because of their carelessness, as a result of violation by them of safety requirements, fire safety and the Rules.

For damages related to the deteriorating the state of health if the state of health of a Visitor deteriorated as a result of acute disease, worsening of an injury or a chronic disease which a Visitors already had prior to the moment of attendance of an Event.

For lost things of the Visitors while attending an Event.

For counterfeit tickets and tickets purchased not from official distributors.

The rights of Administration, Organizer, Security service

To inspect Visitors to ensure the security and to exclude the possibility of bringing the prohibited things to the Palace “Ukraine”.

To deny a Visitor to visit an Event (without compensation of the ticket price) for the following reasons:
– if a Visitor is unwilling to be inspected;

– if a Visitor violates these Rules;

– if a Visitor disobeys lawful requirements of the Administration, the Organizer, law enforcement bodies’ representatives, Security service;

– if a Visitor is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, toxic substances, with a look that offends human dignity;

– if a Visitor came to an Event in slovenly, dirty clothes and/or clothing with an unpleasant odor;

– in case of inadequate, aggressive behavior of a Visitor.

To stop an event in case of emergencies or circumstances that have a threat to the health and lives of Visitors, threat of causing material damage to property of Administration or the Organizer.

To delay the beginning of an Event if the extra security measures shall be taken, without compensation of the Ticket price.

8.5. Things indicated in p. 4.3 of Rules are to be seized by Security service officers before the start of an Event and to be returned after the end of an Event. In case of refusal to give the officers of Security service the prohibited on the territory of the Palace “Ukraine” things specified in p. 4.3 of the Rules, the Visitors will not be allowed to enter an Event without compensation of the ticket price.

Visitor can be forced to leave an Event and leave the territory of the Palace “Ukraine” without the right of return or compensation of the Ticket price in the event of the use and/or distribution of narcotic, toxic, psychotropic substances, alcohol abuse, aggression to the others, breach of the public peace etc.

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