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On August 23, at the State Flag Day, the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" invites you to a great song festival - a solo concert of the People's Artist of Ukraine Oksana Bilozir with a concert program - "Born by Ukraine"!                                                                                                                 For millions of admirers, Oksana Bilozir, first of all, is "Ukraiinka, Ukraiinochka", her concerts are always filled with energy of kindness and love, and her songs have long been a distinctive symbol of something Ukrainian, true, and real ...

The concert program "Born by Ukraine" will contain the best songs of past years and a lot of premiers! Over the past three years, in the repertoire of the artist, some really special songs appeared - a heart-breaking “Chorna Kvitka” (The Black Flower), dedicated to the widows, whose husbands were killed in the Donbas, heart-touching "Ne Zarobliaite Na Viini” (Do not make money on the war), “Klenovyi Vohon” (The Maple Fire), “Molytva” (The Prayer) and others will sound in an absolutely new way. ... In her singing, coming from the depths of her soul, there is a great love for people and her native land ... Her songs fascinate by their sincerity and melody, and the most important thing is that they unite Ukrainians!
So, welcome, friends, to the concert of the People's Artist of Ukraine Oksana Bilozir, where every song is a revelation and confession that affects the most secret strings of the human soul!
Special guest is LUIKU band!