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19 March

Ukrainian poet Lina Kostenko today celebrates her 89th anniversary!

, we would like to congratulate a special woman, Ukrainian writer and bright representative of the Sixtiers generation, wonderful poetess Lina Kostenko! Uncompromising, honest and original, she is often called “The conscience of Ukrainian nation”.
Lina Kostenko's creative work contains more than 15 poetry collections. Lina Kostenko was awarded the Taras Shevchenko National Prize for the historical novel in verse "Marusia Churai".
People cite quotations from her poems; all conscious Ukrainians take notice of her thoughts. This strong woman is always on the side of uncompromising truth.
Lina Vasylivna, may the strength of your spirit continue to be invincible, and your poetry continue to inspire millions of Ukrainians!
Ad multos annos, Lina Vasylivna!

We need to seize each day,

stop waiting for the cherished date.

Burn like fire today,

Because “later” may never come.

Lina Kostenko

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