Small hall

Hall: up to 240 seats | Scene: 8 meters | Wi-Fi


From performances to exhibitions

Small Hall of the National Palace of Arts “Ukraine” is a unique, one of a kind hall-transformer in Kyiv, cross functional and therefore suitable for events of various formats and creative plans.

At your request, it can turn into:

– concert hall as an amphitheater with lanes in the middle or on the sides, scene – 8×4 meters, 240 seats in the hall – for the spectators who come to concerts, plays, festivals, awards ceremonies, recitals of writers, etc;

– pavilion: exhibition hall with area of ​​280 square meters – for art exhibitions, photo shoots, presentations, filming of TV shows and video clips;

– podium – such a modification of the hall allows to conduct shows by local designers and beauty contests in it;

– ring – for sport events, debates, discussion clubs and stand-up show;

– banquet hall – for corporate banquets and fourchettes with a chamber concert.

Small Hall became home to Kiev Academic Theater on Podil, private theatrical projects from different cities of Ukraine, creative and laser light shows, children’s plays for the holidays and the Jazz Kolo festival, recognized as the top rank musical event in Kyiv.

Equipment of a small hall is as universal as the hall itself:

– multiline soundboard;

– different types of microphones;

– overhead, portal and rear sound systems;

– Control board Behringer Eurolight LC 2412;

– dimeric block MS 1225 (2 pcs);

– Strand lighting Alto PC 250W (4 pcs);

– Strand lighting PC 1200W (6 pcs);

– Strand lighting Soda 4h500W (4 pcs).