Recording studio

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Recording studio of the National palace of arts “Ukraine” has the most modern equipment, comfortable room with special sound-screening, correctly calculated acoustic design and highly qualified specialists who have extensive experience of work even with “live” bands and electronic projects.

Our abilities were appreciated by the band “DDT”, Alexander Ponomarev, orchestra and choir of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, the artists of “Studio Kvartal-95” and the world-famous opera prima Montserrat Caballe that among all the recording studios of Kiev chose a studio in the Palace “Ukraine”!

Ability to work in a variety of formats of recording – from simultaneous multi-way using “live” instruments to electronic music with a large library of samples allows us to achieve any goal, from a demo recording to a creation of a full album.

We offer:
– recording on a professional recording studio;
– recording, producing and vocals editing;
– record, performance and production of backing vocals;
– mixing and mastering;
– restoration and editing of audio;
– production of audio/video advertising;
– applying voice to a phonogram of the customer with the following mixing.

The studio also conducts recording of “live” concerts on the stage of the Palace “Ukraine” and dubbing of video.

We offer the best equipment at your service!

Sound board:
Euphonix CS2000CSII /56 channels/

Multi-channel recording:
32 tracks (192kHz) of simultaneous recording to a hard disk (Steinberg Nuendo)

Opteron 2.6GHz x 2 / Lynx AES16 x 2

Apogee AD 16 EX (x2), Apogee DA 16 EX (x2)

Monitor system:
KRK 7000b

Sound Processing:
Euphonix ESI08a (dynamic proccesor) /24 channels/
DBX Quantum II
T.C.Electronic M5000
Lexicon 300L
Klark-Teknik DN-300
Behringer Ultrafex2
Many VST and Direct-X Plug-ins

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (2 pcs.)
KOSSUR30 (lnrr.)
Headphones’ amplifier:
Behringer IN 4700

AKG C 12 February
AKG CK-April 31
AKG C-480 4
AKG SE-300B 6
AKG CK-February 2
AKG CK-May 11
AKG CK-August 4
AKG CK-January 1
AKG D3800WL 10
AKG C-535
8 AKG C-414 11
Beyerdynamic CV-52 4
Bruel & KJER 4022 16
Electro-voice RE-27ND 5
Neumann U-89i 3
Shure D-52 1
Shure SM57 8
Shure SM58 8
Shure beta 87A radio 2
Shure 58 beta 5

Yamaha «Beech Custom Absolute» (BD 22 “, SD 14”, TT 10 “-12” -14 “-16”) Istambul (Ride 21 “, Hi-Hat 14”, Crash 15 “, Crash 17”)

Amplifiers and combos:
Bass – Yamaha BBT-500 + 4 × 12 “cabinet
Guitar – Yamaha DG130Ha + 4 × 12 “cabinet

Other equipment:
Apogee Big Ben
Tascam 122mk3
Studer d741-cd recorder
Studer D827 mch (24 tracks)
Studer A807 (stereo)
M-Audio Keystation Pro-88
Alesis AD AT XT-20
Behringer «Ultramatch» SRC 2000
Panasonic DAT SV-4100
Sony MDS-JB980
Splitters and DI-boxes of various configurations.